Day 1: Inboxing & Automation

It is now easier than ever to grow an email list, but inboxing has never been harder.

New ESP regulations, GDPR, autoresponder bans, IP reputation management, domain flagging and Gmail’s promotions tab are just a handful out of dozens of obstacles standing between your emails and your customer’s inbox.

And what’s worse – no one has figured out a definitive way to get your emails delivered without becoming an email marketing jedi, owning a 100 square acre server facility in Kazakhstan or sacrificing your firstborn to Gmail… until now!

Watch Day 1 to learn how you can master inboxing, and also learn all about business automation.

Day 1: Inboxing & Automation
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    Dennis Live Zapier Work


    When you strategize the automation of the technical parts of your business, you can make it real with a single tool even without any technological knowledge. Follow this real-time practical demonstration of how you can automate actions and events between different applications all on Zapier. Watch the video and practice the lessons therein.

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    Final Thoughts On Launching An Automated Webinar


    Automation is not only about the technical part, but there’s also about the human side of it. To avoid being overwhelmed with technicalities, consider outsourcing to capable hands. You definitely want to see this video because it’s the final episode on launching and setting up automation.

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    Step 4: Launch & Monitor


    The best way to manage your business is to employ automation, but the best way to maintain your automation is to ensure that your metrics are well monitored so that you don’t lose out on your earnings. Check out the indispensable tools that make your automation easy.

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    Step 3: Money Loves Speed


    As a project manager, you’d probably have seen that your work will take as much time as you allocate for it. Therefore, as much as you need to perfect every project you handle, it’s also important to get things done on time because money loves speed.

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    Step 2: Software, Software, Software


    You definitely need much software to be able to achieve your feat. To find out about all the software and tools that Igor deployed in the creation of his automated webinar, click on the play button now to watch this video.

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    Step 1: Strategic Planning


    Your highest paying marketing activity is ‘planning’. It is a way of building your blueprint to strategically plan the activities and implementations that come in between your start and endpoint. As soon as you have this in place, the execution becomes easy. Hop into this video to know exactly how to do this.

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    Building An Automated Webinar


    A fully automated webinar is fully self-sufficient. Building a fully automated webinar funnel is easy but in doing that, you must ensure that your automation starts from the webinar registration page to the replay page. Wondering how to create yours? Get on the training.

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    Final Thoughts On Business Automation


    You cannot reap the benefits of automation until and unless you have a blueprint. If you want your business to grow, you have to start automating the processes. Basically, you need to hire superstars, delegate, automate repetitive tasks, build a McDonald’s business, and invest in systems.

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    Invest In Systems


    You don’t have to build robust automation to get started. Efficient human automation is a good way to help build your unified system for proper handling of your daily repetitive tasks. This session shares why you should invest in systems and how to go about it.

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    Build A “McDonalds Business”


    McDonald’s is best known for creating processes that are so simple that anyone could do them. Here is how to build a McDonald’s business.

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    Find Repetitive Tasks & Build An Action Plan To Automate Them


    Automation repetitive tasks will help you save time and allows you to spend more time on other important tasks. What are the important tools you can use for automation in your day-to-day tasks to make life easy for you?

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    Hire Slow, Fire Fast


    Finding the right individuals for your team is one of the most daunting tasks for any business. Put the right set of people on your team and watch your business flourish. Hire the wrong set of people and watch your business crumble. Check out Igor’s experience in building his team.

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    Igor & Dennis Join Forces


    It is often said that if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. Learn how Igor and Dennis built an industry of their own by working together effectively.

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    Final Thoughts On Email Delivery


    Being blacklisted is extremely harmful to your email marketing effort. No matter how hard you try, your emails will always land in spam. How do you get rid of this?

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    Extras #4 – Mail-Tester.com Analysis


    How do you boost our reputation? How do you ensure that the emails you’re sending out are spam-free and credible enough? You’ve only got to employ the right tools to do the job.

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    Extras #3 – Aged Domain Reputation Boosting


    When your new upcoming domain does not give the reputation you desire, there’s always a way out. Using an aged domain with a good reputation will be of great help especially if you have a large email list.

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    Extras #2 – Asking For Whitelisting To Increase Reputation


    It’s not enough to ask for a whitelist, you also have to give specific instructions on how to be whitelisted. How? Follow the recommendations in this training and drive your emails to the inbox.

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    Extras #1 – Sneaky Segmentation Technique


    How do you improve your IP reputation? How do you make email marketing a profitable venture for yourself? Your answer lies in employing the best list building strategies. Dive into this training to learn more.

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    Email Delivery Q&A Session


    Heart to heart conversation: Participants asked the burning questions on emailing. Check out the answers.

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    Dennis’s 6 Email Delivery Rules


    How can you make your prospects anticipate the coming of your email every day? Sounds too good to be true? Check out these 6 email rules and grow your open rates and become untouchable even by the ESPs.

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    The Real Secret To Phenomenal Email Delivery


    When was the last time you opened your spam folder and started actively going through emails in there? If you’re like most people, it’s possible that you haven’t even opened the spam folder once. Sending emails that land in your prospects’ spam folder is the same as not sending any emails at all. Here, Dennis gives out the secret to get your emails into your prospects’ inbox folder. Check it out and become a Pro!

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    Dennis Meets Igor


    Here’s Dennis’ narration of how the 2 smart men met in 2014 and have since then been growing together.

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    Breaking the Ice; the participants introduce themselves and share their business stories.