Day 2: Email Rules

Email isn’t dead. It has evolved. There’s a myth saying people hate being marketed through email, but research and revenue reports show that people read most of their emails, don’t mind frequent marketing emails as long as they’re relevant and prefer to buy via email over Facetube and Instachat. In other words… Email is where the good buyers are hiding!

On Day 2, Igor will show you how to turn your email subscribers into raving fans, how to get more opens, more clicks and more sales… while generating tons of good will with your email list. You’ll discover how to never run out of things to say, how and how often to pitch in your emails and how to build a great relationship with your email list (even if you’re a nobody).

Day 2: Email Rules
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    Day 2 New Attendee Introductions & Day 1 Feedback


    How do you strike a balance between high self-esteem and humility when you become an achiever? How do you settle to learn from other people even though you seem to know a lot? Check out the reasons why this event attendees humble themselves to learn from Igor even though some were experts in their field. Leaning is a continuous process.

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    Fake Email News: 12 Lies You’ve Been Told About Email


    When you present your products with facts in the market, people are ready to buy. In this episode, Igor walks you through the most common myths in email marketing. He dispels those myths with undeniable facts so you don’t base your business on lies.

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    Why Email Wins: 10 Reasons Why Email Rules The Marketing World


    Why does email stand the highest chance of survival and conversion in the internet marketing space?  Here’s where Igor shares the 10 reasons for this undeniable fact.

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    Email Money Rules: You Can Turn Emails Into Money If You Play By The Rules


    Every business has its own set of rules, so does email marketing. A lot of email marketers either fail because they don’t play by the rules or because they’re following rules that are not proven. Check out the email money rules and start making more money. Incredible!

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    Good Karma Email Marketing


    How do you make your prospects feel good with any email you put forward? How do you make them feel good about anything they buy from you despite the excess information in the internet marketing space? In this video, Igor explains in detail how to go about email marketing and also addresses the most common mistakes people make.

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    Igor’s Vault Of Infotaining Formulas – Part 1


    Infotainment is a crucial aspect of email marketing because it helps you get noticed by your customers, thereby making them interested in your offer.  How do you adopt this strategy? In this video, Igor goes through the infotainment formulas he uses which are pulling in numbers and how you can apply them to your niche. You’d love every bit of it.

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    Igor’s Vault Of Infotaining Formulas – Part 2


    Do you care to have a deep insight into Igor’s infotainment secrets? This video shows you how to leverage fables to sell complicated stuff. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn this powerful strategy.

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    Igor’s Vault Of Infotaining Formulas – Part 3 & Exercise


    How do you motivate people with your content? Check out how Igor explains the pain and gain formula.

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    Email Anatomy – Part 1


    Every email is made up of 7 body parts or components. How do you use this anatomy to your marketing advantage?

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    Email Anatomy – Part 2


    When it comes to converting cold traffic into sales, email ranks third on total conversions delivered but outranked every other method in getting customers who spend money. In this video, Igor walks you through 7 storytelling techniques to make the best out of your email lists.

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    Email Anatomy – Part 3


    Marketing is not about your own self, it’s about your customers. People feel connected to people who understand what they’re going through. Learn more about this fact and build a long-lasting and money-making relationship with your customers.

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    Email Anatomy – Part 4 & Exercise


    Here’s the concluding part of the email subject line Formulas. It was followed by the challenge to suggest subject lines for sample emails. See what you can get from this lesson and apply it to your marketing.

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    Subject Line Workshop


    One of the biggest productivity secrets is to stick to one niche because it’ll help you get the highest returns on your time. Here’re some hints on how to maintain a balance between going too broad and staying within the industry and also the magical email skillset.

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    Email Writing Workshop: Igor Writing Part 1


    A practical session where Igor demonstrated how to write an email. He employed an interactive approach, allowing the attendees to contribute the content ideas while he did the actual writing of the email.

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    Email Writing Workshop: Igor Writing Part 2


    The hardest part of writing an email is ‘getting that email started. Learn how to gather the courage and inspiration to kickstart your email writing.

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    Email Writing Workshop: Q&A 1


    Originality is an important secret to your business. Never be copycat. Here, Igor goes around to check the emails of the participants and make corrections.

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    Email Writing Workshop: Igor Writing Part 3


    Here’s an email writing series where Igor picks on a topic and then writes a promotional email for it. Igor started by listing the ideal customers to whom he is writing the email. He then starts writing the body of the email, delaying the subject line until the end. Dive in to learn some expertise.

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    Email Writing Workshop: Q&A 2


    When you address your customers’ concerns in your email, be careful not to make a claim about your product or promise them an outcome in your pitch. Learn this safety tip.

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    Email Writing Workshop: Igor Writing Part 4


    In this session, the audience suggested a hypothetical offer for Igor. Watch how he drafted an email content for this offer.

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    Email Writing Workshop: Q&A 3


    How do you turn email writing into a hubby you’ll like to do over and over again? How do you end up with memorable email content? Dive in to perfect your skills.