Day 3: Campaignfest

During the third day of List Building Lifestyle Email Intensive you’re going to discover how to map out and build a high-converting email follow up campaign for your online business in less than 30 minutes.

You’ll also get advanced campaign templates for launching best-selling products to your email list, launching 6-figure affiliate promotions, promoting the release of your next book, launching a new Shopify store and even turning your podcast into a best-seller. Yes, we’ve done all of that with our email list and we’ll show you how to do it too.

Day 3: Campaignfest
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    GoodLife Coffee & Feedback


    Understanding your market is a priority when it comes to email marketing. In this session, Igor shared how to use the infotainment methodology to sell something that’s not an info product. He then ends the session by taking a couple of feedback from the audience.

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    Genesis Sequence – Part 1


    The purpose of your follow up sequence is to educate and motivate people to buy from you when they’re ready. Therefore, you have to close those who are ready to buy now and convert the rest. Learn how.

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    Genesis Sequence – Part 2


    One of the reasons people don’t get results is that they set up their followup sequence the wrong way. In this training session, Igor explains what the Genesis sequence is and how to make the best use of it.

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    Genesis Sequence – Emails Breakdown


    Setting up the right email sequence also goes a long way in making good sales in any niche. In this video, Igor breaks down each email sequence and explains why they are important. Check out the complete breakdown of the 7-day email sequence Igor used in one of his promotions.

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    Genesis Sequence – Q&A Session


    From email sequence to engagement and then to scarcity, Igor and Dennis take turns to answer questions arising from the audience. Find out why it’s hard for many people to become super affiliates and what you can do differently.

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    Ticking Time-Bomb Campaign – Part 1


    Are you dying to know what makes you stand out in your niche and launch time-tested campaigns that pull in amazing figures? Watch how Igor breaks down to bits, the universal structure he uses to launch campaigns to his list plus a case study of this structure in action.

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    Ticking Time-Bomb Campaign – Part 2


    How do you style your emails for a ticking time-bomb campaign? How do you sell a difficult or controversial offer? You’ve got a lot to learn in the training.

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    72-Hour Book Launch That Bombed


    The build-up of a product launch or campaign is very important if you don’t want things to turn out messy.  Check out the good, the bad and the ugly part of Igor’s Book launch.

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    Castaway Emails – Part 1


    How do you give your email a different style? When you’re promoting irregular offers such as agencies and membership sites, you can freestyle your email using the Castaway approach. Check out this training if you care to know more.

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    Castaway Emails – Part 2


    How do you evaluate your emails? How do know which emails to use over and over again? Here, Igor discusses the criteria to employ for your email evaluation and recycling.

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    Castaway Emails Workshop: Igor Writing – Email 1


    You can learn faster with practical examples.  Igor sets the pace in this castaway email workshop by asking the audience to suggest an offer to promote and the castaway formula email to use while they watch him writing the email in an interactive manner.

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    Castaway Emails Workshop: Igor Writing – Email 2


    How do you strategize your email promotion? How do you select the formula to employ in your email campaign? Learn how to implement the necessary strategies to help you come up with a great customer-centered email that’ll pull in great results.

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    Castaway Emails Workshop: Q&A Session


    It’s fun when you get paid to critique other people’s mistakes. Here, Igor explains how the critique formula can be used to your advantage.

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    Castaway Emails Workshop: Igor Writing – Email 3


    Do not build your life around your business. Rather, build your business around your life. How do you make this happen?

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    Castaway Emails Workshop: Igor Writing – Email 4


    In an attempt to write sample emails across different niches, Igor decides to write an email to promote a G-wagon by picking a fight with other car brands.  Learn the tricks!

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    Castaway Emails Workshop: Igor Writing – Email 5


    When you get inspired on what to write in your email, never waste time, let it all out and care less about accuracy. Email writing continues.

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    Castaway Emails Workshop: Igor Writing – Email 6


    Perfection doesn’t come by mistake, it’s a result of personal development and constant practice. To become a good writer, you need to first be a good reader.

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    Castaway Emails Workshop: Attendee Writing


    How do you become an exceptional email copywriter? How do you improve yourself in storytelling? Learn from Igor’s golden nuggets in this training.

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    Email Productivity Secrets – Part 1


    Being a great email writer does not require you to be an exceptional writer. Nevertheless, if you want to get a lot more writing done, you need to play by the rules. In this session, Igor spills the beans and shares the productivity tips that help him churn out content faster and more effectively. Learn these 33 rules now and you’ll do better within a short period.

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    Email Productivity Secrets – Part 2


    More rules on effective writing. Take this chance and become a pro.

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    Email Productivity Secrets – Part 3


    There’s no other way to perfect your email writing skills rather than proper and frequent writing practice. Read, practice and explore the writing world.

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    Email Productivity Secrets – Q&A Session


    Everything you wish to achieve boils down to commitment. Success isn’t made; it is achieved. Put your best in all you do and always strive to become a better version of yourself.